The Vergo is the only belay device I’ve used for the past year and I love it! It’s safe and easy to use, has a great handle and a sleek design.
— Ethan Pringle, Professional Climber
I’ve been using the Vergo for about a year, and it’s the best auto-locking belay device I’ve used. I love the way it fits perfectly in my hand, how easily it feeds slack, and how consistently secure the auto-locking mechanism feels with any rope size.
— Alex Johnson, Professional Climber
I’ve been climbing for 37 years and the new Vergo is, by far, the best belay device I’ve ever used. The Vergo is amazing. The hand position is comfortable and perfectly positioned so that I always have control of the brake side rope. Feeding is smooth and easy even when your partner is panicking and pulling for slack. Everything is well thought out with no crazy overrides or weird hand positions required. It actually feels comfortable and easy to hold in your hand. The ergonomics work! This is the next evolution of the belay device.
— Jeff Giddings, Physical Therapist
I’m pretty stuck in my ways when it comes to climbing gear, so when I was asked to try the Vergo, I resisted. Wow, have I been blown away! The Vergo is hands down the best belay device I’ve used. It dishes slack much more effortlessly than competing devices and it locks much better too.
— Mike Anderson, Co-Author of The Rock Climber's Training Manual
The Vergo is by far the best belay device I’ve ever used and has completely upgraded my ability to belay in a safe and efficient manner. The thumb print and finger guide provide my brake hand a “home” so I can focus on my climber. I can dish out slack faster than ever before and the locking mechanism instantly adjusts to various rope sizes.
— Janelle Anderson, Trango Athlete